Grinding machines

Portable grinding and deburring machines are widely used to restore an accurately shaped rail head, during reprofiling of flat-bottomed and grooved rails after welding work on the rail, they are also ideal for deburring the rails. The different models are described in the following sections.

Reprofiling and grinding machines

Small machines with flexible handling for the reprofiling or grinding.

  • 4-stroke petrol engine
  • versions for right and left-handed users
  • exact adjustment of the angle of inclination
  • weight approx. 60 kg

Rail head profile grinding machines

Ideal for restoring an excellent rail profile after thermit or flash-butt welds. Can be easily put in even with high rails. 

  • optimal recovery of the head profile by special copying device
  • good view of both operating sides
  • possible to work at night by using the optional LED lighting
  • health advantage through work in the upright position

Rail deburring and turnout grinding machines

During turnout maintenance, the tongues and stock rails on the turnout must be regularly deburred and have the laps removed. This damage occurs in the course of daily operations. Burrs also occur in tracks, on which brake shoes are regularly put down. These can also be removed with these machines.

Special machines allow the grinding of build-up welding on switch blades, crossings, stock rails and check rails. In addition, they are suitable for removing burrs on rail heads and turnouts, as well as in the grooved rail range for trams.

  • exact adjustment options (adjustable in height and 32° swivel either side)
  • particularly large work area
  • linear grinding through check rail guides to bridge the blank area in the turnout crossing area
  • higher stability through dual recording of the four insulated flange rollers
  • divisible frame to make it easier to transport

Rail Grinding Device

When welding rails with a<link lexikon/gleisbau-und-instandhaltung/maschineller-gleisbau/schweisstechnologie/abbrennstumpfschweissen/> flash-butt welding machine </link>the electrical contacts of the welding machine are fixed to the bright ground rail to get better current flow. This grinding machine is designed in such a way that it can easily reach the webs of the rails.

Rail web grinding machine
Rail web grinding machine
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