Behaviour in the track area

  • Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) high visibility clothing. Limit your stay in the track area to the time required for doing your job.
  • Don't go on the track. Use the path at the side of the track or intermediate paths.
  • Always be vigilant.
  • Follow the gang warning signals immediately and go to a safe place away from the hazardous area.
  • Note the specified safety measures.
  • If you are working alone in the track area, make sure you look after yourself.
  • Organise your work so that it can be done facing the direction of the expected trains.
  • In spite of everything, always be attentive.
  • Always go to a safe place away from the danger area before trains pass by.
  • Always remember: danger can be caused when trains and shunting movements pass by, for example, due to shifting of the payload. The train must always be watched.
  • Use your bicycle, motor assisted bicycle or moped only in railway stations, where it is approved (see the Railway Station Book). Other power driven two and three-wheel vehicles, can only be used on paths that are suitable for motor vehicles.
  • Cross the tracks only at the designated points. Only if your job requires it, crossings at other locations are permitted.
  • Before crossing the tracks look in both directions. Only start to cross if there is no vehicle approaching.
  • Always look out for obstacles such as wire lines.
  • Never walk between the buffers of nearby vehicles.
  • When crossing tracks with stationary vehicles make sure that the vehicles are several metres away from you.
  • Pay attention to trains passing on the adjacent track. Never crawl under vehicles or climb over buffers and couplings.
  • Drivers of industrial vehicles must be extremely careful when driving over internal crossings.
  • If you recognize that a colleague is in danger warn him or her. Make sure that you are not exposed to any danger.
  • Stepping on rails, rail heads, turnout tongues, turnout rods turnout heaters and standing between moving parts of turnouts or turnout drives is prohibited.
“It is important to keep some distance from the operating track"
“It is important to keep some distance from the operating track"
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