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UTK records basic data of the railway network

The Polish Railway Transport Office UTK has recorded the basic data of the Polish railway network. The network consists of more than 19,000 km of railway lines, of which 12,000 km are electrified and almost 9,000 km are double-tracked, as well as 12,000 level crossings. The average density of the railway network in Poland is 6.2 km per 100 km². On 46% of the lines the permissible speed is 120 km/h, on 15% of the lines it is 160 km/h. The length of railway lines in standard and broad gauge operated by all infrastructure managers in 2021 was 19,326 km. This is a decrease of 135 km compared to 2020. The length of electrified railway lines in 2021 was 12,156 km. Compared to 2020, the length of electrified lines increased by 108 km. The share of electrified lines in the total length of lines in operation in Poland thus increased from 61.9% to 62.9%. Of the 12,156 km of electrified lines, 4,078 km were single-track and the remaining 8,078 km were double-track. (dks/utk/SCI)