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Council of Ministers presents draft law to separate OSE and ErgOSE

The Greek Council of Ministers has presented a draft law to legally separate the Greek railway infrastructure company (EIU) OSE and the OSE subsidiary ErgOSE. ErgOse is responsible for the new construction and expansion of the network. The ErgOSE shares are to be transferred from OSE to the state. Both EIUs are supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure. For some time now, the European Commission (EC), as a major donor, has been demanding a better definition and actual separation of the tasks of OSE and ErgOSE. In the background are the slow progress of the EU-funded projects and the massive overruns of construction costs. ErgOSE is responsible for new construction, but can also carry out extensions, in which case the responsibility lies with OSE. In future, more performance contracts are to be concluded. The first to benefit from the reform is the Sea2Sea project in the north-east of the country. (dks/SCI)